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Turkmenistan Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights

The Turkmenistan Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (THF) is an independent non-governmental organization founded on 21 of July 2003 in the city of Varna, Bulgaria. THF is a society of voluntary citizens engaged in monitoring the human rights situation in Turkmenistan.Turkmenistan is still one of the most isolated countries in the world. Our goal is to pursue recognition and realisation of democratic values, rights and freedoms of Turkmen citizens in real life and not just on paper. Therefore, we monitor the human rights situation of Turkmens in Turmenistan and abroad. Our information, conclusions and suggestions are published in the media and used in the reports of other international organizations. As a result, this helps a significant number of Turkmen citizens to become aware of their human rights and freedoms. THF provides legal assistance to victims of human rights violations in the form of consultations or through participation in international legal proceedings. In order to expand civil society, the Foundation educates victims regarding their human rights, organizes supporting video chats, seminars and other forms of civic activity related to bringing knowledge and information on human rights and democratic values among citizens of Turkmenistan.As adherents of human dignity, justice, equality and compassion, we named the organization after The Helsinki Final Act that concluded the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, held in Helsinki, Finland.The THF does not represent the interests of any particular parties or party coalitions.