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Open letter calling for the immediate release of Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu

Open letter calling for the immediate release of Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu

We, the UNCAC Coalition and the 240 undersigned organizations and individuals from 88 countries across the globe, are deeply concerned about the unjustified arrest and extended imprisonment of Dr. Gubad Ibadoghlu in Azerbaijan. Dr. Ibadoghlu is a prominent anti-corruption expert and human rights defender who has been active in the UNCAC Coalition and other civil society networks for many years and served as a Board Member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). We call for his immediate release as well as the release of other political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

Dr. Ibadoghlu has exposed corruption in Azerbaijan’s oil and gas sector and advocated for transparency of the country’s public revenues. He also advocated for seizing Azerbaijani oligarchs’ assets that were stolen from the state and stashed offshore through money laundering schemes. In June 2023, Dr. Ibadoghlu established an education foundation in the United Kingdom with the goal of returning the confiscated assets to the people of Azerbaijan through scholarships for students.

Dr. Ibadoghlu has been imprisoned in Azerbaijan since 23 July 2023, when he was brutally beaten, arrested, and detained by police authorities on unsubstantiated charges of money counterfeiting and connection to terrorism. Despite the lack of evidence, his pre-trial detention has been extended twice, once on 16 November 2023, and most recently on 15 February 2024. After spending 9 months in a prison facility, on 22 April he was placed under house arrest in Baku and is still waiting for a trial. To date, Dr. Ibadoghlu’s contacts with his lawyers and his family have been restricted. His health, already fragile due to diabetes and high blood pressure, has deteriorated significantly in prison because he has been denied proper medical care. He is now at a high risk of having a heart attack and diabetic coma.

Therefore, the UNCAC Coalition and the undersigned organizations and individuals urgently call for the unconditional and immediate release of Dr. Ibadoghlu and for him to be given access to the medical care he desperately needs. We also urge the authorities of Azerbaijan – which will also host the UN Climate Change Conference in Baku later this year – to respect their international commitments regarding due process in the administration of justice and human rights, consistent with Articles 9 and 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 9.3 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Article 13 of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

Furthermore, the UNCAC Coalition expresses serious concern for all other human rights defenders, anti-corruption advocates, whistleblowers, journalists and other members of civil society who have been arbitrarily detained or are threatened by government authorities in Azerbaijan and in other countries across the globe. We call upon governments to respect international human rights standards, including the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association, in order for civil society to operate without fear of intimidation, harassment, reprisals and persecution. Furthermore, we call upon governments and the international community to step up efforts to protect and defend Dr. Ibadoghlu and all other civil society members in Azerbaijan coming under attack for their anti-corruption work.


Non-Governmental Organizations:

1. Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER), Albania

2. Action Jeunesse pour le Développement (AJED-Congo), Republic of Congo

3. Access Info, Spain

4. Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG), Kenya

5. Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC), Uganda

6. Africa Network for Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ), Nigeria

7. African Centre for Media & Information Literacy, Nigeria

8. ALTAX, Albania

9. Aman Coalition, Palestine

10. Amnesty International, United Kingdom

11. Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe

12. ARTICLE 19, United Kingdom

13. Asociación civil JAPIQAY, Memoria y Ciudadanía, Peru

14. Association Burkinabè pour le Développement des Energies Renouvelables (ABDER-BIO-DEV/ Burkina), Burkina Faso

15. Association femme et Action pour le Développement , Guinea

16. Association Guinéenne pour la Transparence, Guinea

17. AWTAD Anti-corruption Organization, Yemen

18. Bahrain Transparency, Bahrain

19. Bantay Kita - Publish What You Pay Phils., Philippines

20. Cameroon Anti Corruption Youths Movement, Cameroon

21. Cameroonian Human Rights League, Cameroon

22. Care for the Physically Challenged and Destitute Foundation (CAPCADF), Nigeria

23. Center for Civil Liberties, Ukraine

24. Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA), South Sudan

25. Centre de Recherche sur l'Anti-Corruption (CERC), Democratic Republic of the Congo

26. Centre for Development and Democratization of Institutions, Albania

27. Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI), Pakistan

28. CiFAR - Civil Forum for Asset Recovery e.V., Germany

29. CISE Malawi, Malawi

30. Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC)/ TI-Nigeria, Nigeria

31. Club Ohada Thies, Senegal

32. Coalition Nationale Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez Guinée, Guinea

33. Community Information and Advocacy Initiative, Nigeria

34. Community Outreach for Development and Welfare Advocacy (CODWA), Nigeria

35. Corner House, United Kingdom

36. Crude Accountability, USA

37. Crudo Transparente, Colombia

38. Derecho Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (DAR), Peru

39. Dialogue and Research Institute (DRI), South Sudan

40. DiXi Group, Ukraine

41. EITI MEXICO, Mexico

42. Family Therapy Association of the Gambia, Gambia

43. Fundación Jubileo, Bolivia

44. Foundation For Environmental Rights, Advocacy & Development (FENRAD NIGERIA) Nigeria

45. Freedom Files, Poland

46. Freedom for Eurasia, Austria

47. Friends of the Earth Australia, Australia

48. Fundación Libertad Ciudadana - Transparency International Panama, Panama

49. Fundación Multitudes, Chile

50. Fundación Nacional para el Desarrollo - TI El Salvador, El Salvador

51. Global Actions for Humanity (GOAH), South Sudan

52. Global Witness, United Kingdom

53. Government Accountability Project, USA

54. Grupo de Trabajo contra la Corrupción (GTCC), Peru

55. Hawkmoth, The Netherlands

56. HEDA Resource Centre, Nigeria

57. Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, North Macedonia

58. Human Rights Center, Georgia

59. Human Rights Center “Viasna”, Belarus

60. Human Rights Center of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan

61. Human Rights Defence Center Memorial, Russia

62. Human Rights Foundation (HRF), USA

63. Impunidad Cero, Mexico

64. Initiatives for Community Development- Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone

65. Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), Georgia

66. International Platform against Impunity, Switzerland

67. International Society for Peace and Safety, Nigeria

68. I-Watch Organization, Tunisia

69. Jamaa Resource Initiatives, Kenya

70. Jaringan Pemantau Independen Kehutanan (JPIK), Indonesia

71. Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law, Kazakhstan

72. Legal Policy Research Centre, Kazakhstan

73. Lumière Synergie pour le Développement , Senegal

74. Mexiro A.C, Mexico

75. Migrant Workers Association of Lesotho, Lesotho

76. Millennium Development Centre Gusau, Nigeria

77. Mineral Inheritors Rights Association, India

78. Mozambican Association for Active Citizenship - AMOCA, Mozambique

79. National Campaign for Sustainable Development Nepal, Nepal

80. National Whistleblower Center, USA

81. Natural Resource Governance Institute, USA

82. Nature Advocacy and Development Initiatives (NADI), Nigeria

83. Netherlands Helsinki Committee, The Netherlands

84. Niger Delta Study Group on Extractive Sector, Nigeria

85. No Business With Genocide, USA

86. Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC), Norway

87. Nouveaux Droits de l'Homme Congo Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

88. Nyika Institute, Malawi

89. ONG ACOMB, Togo

90. ONG WARIS comité des droits humains , Gabon

91. Open Contracting Partnership, USA

92. Open Data Charter, Argentina

93. Organisation Tchadienne Anti-corruption (OTAC), Chad

94. Oživení, z.s., Czech Republic

95. Participación Ciudadana, Dominican Republic

96. Partners Albania for Change and Development, Albania

97. Pay No Bribe Animators (PaNBA) Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone

98. PCQVP, Mali

99. Plateforme de la société civile Démocratie, Paix, Élections et Développement Durable en Guinée (Plateforme DPEG), Guinea

100. Policy Alert, Nigeria

101. PROETICA, Peru

102. Progress Integrated Community Development Organization (PICDO), Ethiopia

103. Protection of Rights without Borders NGO, Armenia

104. Public Association “Dignity”, Kazakhstan

105. Public Association Echo, Kazakhstan

106. Public-Private Integrity, Gambia

107. Publiez ce que Vous Payez Congo, Congo, Republic

108. Publish What You Pay United Kingdom, United Kingdom

109. Publish What You Pay United States, USA

110. Publish What You Pay Indonesia, Indonesia

111. Publish What You Pay Nigeria, Nigeria

112. Publish What You Pay International, United Kingdom

113. Publish What You Pay Madagascar, Madagascar

114. Rencontre pour la Paix et les Droits de l'Homme (RPDH), Congo, Republic

115. Repatriation Group International, USA

116. Réseau Nigérien Anti-Corruption, Niger

117. Romanian Academic Society, Romania

118. ROTAB, Niger

119. Rural And Urban Aid for Youth Development Initiatives, Nigeria

120. Rural Initiative for Change, Nigeria

121. Rwenzori Anti Corruption Coalition, Uganda

122. Samata, India

123. Semillas para la Democracia, Paraguay

124. Sensitisation Against Hazard and Crime Initiative, Nigeria

125. Society for the Widows and Orphans, Nigeria

126. Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), Nigeria

127. Somali Journalists Syndicate (SJS), Somalia

128. Southern Africa Resource Watch - Coalition Against SLAPPs in Africa (CASA),

South Africa

129. Spotlight on Corruption, United Kingdom

130. Stakeholders Alliance for Corporate Accountability, Nigeria

131. Swedish International Liberal Centre (SILC), Sweden

132. Syri i Vizionit, Kosovo

133. Terra-1530, Moldova

134. The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, Malta

135. The Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency Coalition, USA

136. The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative-LOGI, Lebanon

137. Transparencia por Colombia, Colombia

138. Transparency and Economic Development Initiative TEDI , Nigeria

139. Transparency International, Germany

140. Transparency International - Initiative Madagascar, Madagascar

141. Transparency International - Macedonia, North Macedonia

142. Transparency International Australia, Australia

143. Transparency International Bangladesh, Bangladesh

144. Transparency International Cambodia, Cambodia

145. Transparency International EU, Belgium

146. Transparency International France, France

147. Transparency International Germany, Germany

148. Transparency International Ireland, Ireland

149. Transparency International New Zealand, New Zealand

150. Transparency International Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone

151. Transparency International Taiwan, Taiwan

152. Transparency International U.S., USA

153. Transparency International Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

154. Transparency Maroc, Morocco

155. Turkmenistan Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Bulgaria

156. UK Anti-Corruption Coalition, United Kingdom

157. UNCAC Coalition, Austria

158. UNISHKA Research, USA

159. United Action for Democracy, Nigeria

160. Uzbek Forum for Human Rights, Germany

161. Veille Citoyenne Togo, Togo

162. Whistleblowers of America, USA

163. World Dynamics of Young People, Cameroon

164. Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights, Yemen


165. Abdelaziz Nouaydi, Morocco, General Secretary of Transparency Morocco, Lawyer in Rabat Bar

166. Alexandra Gillies, USA, Director, Global Anti-Corruption Consortium

167. Ali Sadki, Morocco, Project manager at Transparency Maroc

168. Andrew Feinstein, United Kingdom, Author

169. Angela Asuncion, Philippines, Lead Technical Consultant - Bantay Kita

170. Anne-Claire Defossez, USA, Researcher, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

171. Arien Mack, USA, Professor

172. Athayde Motta, Brazil, Consultant

173. Ba Aliou Coulibaly, Mauritania, President of PWYP Coalition

174. Blanche Sonon, Benin, Personne resource

175. Carlo Merla, Botswana, Chair of the Board of Publish What You Pay

176. Carlos Monge, Peru, PWYP Board Member

177. Cde Munyaradzi Bidi, Zimbabwe, Anti-corruption/Human Rights activist

178. Cecilia Ogwuche, Nigeria , Human Rights Advocate

179. Chantal Cutajar, France, Professor

180. Charles Becker, USA, Research Professor of Economics, Duke University

181. Charles Scheiner, USA, Transparency Campaigner

182. Cornelia Abel, Germany, Senior Program Manager, Transparency International

183. Dani Kaufmann, France, Professor

184. Demba SEYDI, Senegal, PWYP Senior Regional Coordinator Francophone Africa

185. Diarmid O'Sullivan, United Kingdom, Editor, Critical Takes on Corporate Power

186. Didier Fassin, France, Professor at the Collège de France

187. Dill Koang Ruey Shagh, South Sudan, Executive Director for Global Actions for Humanity (GOAH)

188. Eze Alloysius, Nigeria, Director, PLAYYA Nigeria

189. Favour Ime, Nigeria, Regional Manager, Africa

190. Gabriel Sipos, United Kingdom, Anti-corruption analyst

191. Gabriela Flores, Peru, Investigative journalist, Co-founder of Japiqay

192. H. Rice, United Kingdom, Independent Researcher

193. Irene Tello Arista, Mexico

194. Jack A. Blum, Esq., USA, Lawyer

195. Jan Kubik, USA, Distinguished Professor and Chair, Rutgers University, Professor Emeritus, UCL (University College London)

196. Jana Morgan, USA, Publish What You Pay - Board Member

197. Jennifer Hunt, USA, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Rutgers University

198. Jeshadul Hoque Tanim, Bangladesh, Whistleblower, Online Digital Marketing Expert

199. Jessica Ludwig, USA, Director, Global Policy, George W. Bush Institute

200. Jodi Vittori, USA, Professor and anti-corruption expert

201. Dr. Juanita Olaya García, Germany, Chair of the UNCAC Coalition Working Group on Victims of Corruption

202. Katharina Lang, Germany

203. Kevin I.J. Yeh, Taiwan, Vice Chair, Transparency International, Taiwan

204. Lisa Hartevelt, The Netherlands, Director of External Relations and Communication at the Wildlife Justice Commission & Chair of the UNCAC Coalition Working Group on Environmental Crime and Corruption

205. Marcel Thum, Germany, Professor of Economics, TU Dresden

206. María Alejandra Márquez, USA, Founder, Iniciativa Para La Recuperación de Activos Venezolanos (INRAV)

207. Matthew Murray, USA, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University

208. Mel Flanagan, Australia, Chair PWYP Australia Steering Committee

209. Michael Jarvis, USA, Executive Director, Trust, Accountability & Inclusion Collaborative

210. Michael Johnston, USA, Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science Emeritus, Colgate University

211. Michael Karanicolas, USA, Executive Director - UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy

212. Michael Kwame Boadi, Ghana, Fundraising Manager

213. Mohamed SANGARE, Senegal, Regional Advisor

214. Mona Lena Krook, USA, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University

215. Moussa Iboun Conté, Guinea, Vice Président de la coalition nationale "Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez - Guinée"

216. Dr. Mustapha Olajiday Thomas, Sierra Leone, Geoscientist/Social Activist

217. Prof. Naomi Roht-Arriaza, USA, Professor of Law

218. Dr.Noora Hasan, Iraq, MENA Region representative at Global Council

219. Obert Chinhamo, Zimbabwe, Director, Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa

220. Osman Ahmed, England, Somali Diaspora Anti-corruption Committee founder

221. Patrick Conway, USA, Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

222. Rainer Geiger, France, Transparency International

223. Robert Pitman, USA, Senior Governance Officer, NRGI

224. Saladin Ambar, USA, Rutgers University

225. Sarah Backstrand, USA, Fundraising Associate, Natural Resource Governance Institute

226. Shaazka Beyerle, USA, Author

227. Sihem Bouazza, Tunisia, Radio Director

228. Silas Olan’g, Tanzania, Human Rights Activist

229. Simon Taylor, Spain, Co-Founder & Board member, Global Witness, and Co-Founder Publish What You Pay

230. Soumyabrata Chakraborty, India, Human Trafficking Prevention Practitioner

231. Susana Coroado, Belgium, Researcher

232. Suzana Frasheri, Albania, Senior Anti-corruption Expert

233. Suzanne Hoff, The Netherlands, International Coordinator, La Strada International

234. Tamika Halwiindi, Zambia, Programme Coordinator - TI Zambia & CSO Board member (alternate) EITI

235. Tara James, USA, Program Coordinator, Rutgers University

236. Thomas de Waal, United Kingdom, Writer and scholar

237. Thomas Prusa, USA, Professor of Economics

238. Tom Devine, USA, Legal director, Government Accountability Project

239. William Field, USA, Rutgers University

240. Zoé Spriet-Mezoued, United Kingdom, Strategic Communications and Campaigns Manager, Publish What You Pay International

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